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Kritzerland is proud to present the latest release in the Ben Bagley Revisited series:


Music by Baldwin Bergesen, Ralph Blane, Lew Brown, Hoagy Carmichael, Phil Charig, Moose Charlap, Duke Ellington, Jay Gorney, Burton Lane, Milton Pascal, Richard Rodgers, Harry Ruby, Dan Shapiro, Arthur Siegel, Sam H. Stept, Kay Swift, Charles Tobias, Fats Waller, G. Wood

Lyrics by William Archibald, Lew Brown, Phil Charig, Howard Dietz, Edward Eliscu, Lorenz Hart, Paul James, Bert Kalmer, John Latouche, Eddie Lawrence, George Marion, Jr., Hugh Martin, Phyllis McGinley, Johnny Mercer, Henry Myers, Milton Pascal, Dan Shapiro, Sam H. Stept, Charles Tobias, G. Wood

Just looking at the stellar list of composers and lyricists, Ben Bagley really did spread the wealth on Everyone Else Revisited. Filled with rarities and gems by not only some of the finest songwriters ever but many who are simply not known today, this delightful album is smaller and more intimate, having been produced towards the end of the series when it had become harder for Ben, money-wise, the fun cast includes the divine Nell Carter, the brilliant Dorothy Loudon, June Carroll, Arthur Siegel, The Populaires, Diane Carnevale and others. In addition to the songs on the original LP, Ben has added some songs from Rodgers and Hart’s America’s Sweetheart.

As we’ve done for all these releases, we’ve considerably spruced up the sound for this new release. And the cover art is, of course, by the great Harvey Schmidt.

EVERYONE ELSE REVISITED is limited to 500 copies only and priced at $19.98, plus shipping. This is a PRE-ORDER – CDs will ship the third week of July, but we always strive to get it out earlier. Lately, however, the pressing plant has been slower than usual due to various shortages of materials and help – we do keep on them, but we’re at their mercy.

Also note that your PayPal receipt is the only receipt you get – we don’t send out confirmations beyond that.


(Click on cover for enlarged version)

• Click on titles below to hear a song sample:

1. Follow the Girls The Populaires
2. Let’s Talk About the Weather Arthur Siegel
3. Walk With Music
I Walk with Music Patti Wyss
What’ll They Think of Next Arthur Siegel
Ohh, What You Said Su-La Haska
Way Back in 1939 A.D. Arthur Siegel and Girls
4. Early to Bed
Slightly Less Than Wonderful
Nell Carter and Arthur Siegel
Hi-De-Ho-High Nell Carter
This Is So Nice Nell Carter and Arthur Siegel
5. Meet the People
Meet the People The Populaires
The Same Old South Arthur Siegel and The Populaires
6. Yokel Boy
It’s Me Again Su-La Haska
Let’s Make Memories Tonight Arthur Siegel
I Can’t Afford to Dream The Populaires
7. Black Diamond Nell Carter
8. Best Foot Forward
Don’t Sell the Night Short The Populaires
I Know You by Heart Arthur Siegel and Patti Wyss
9. What’s New in New York? Arthur Siegel and The Populaires
10. Let’s Go Eat Worms in the Garden Nell Carter
11. The Five O’Clock Girl
Who Did? Arthur Siegel and Girls
Up in the Clouds The Populaires
12. Beggar’s Holiday
Wrong Side of the Railroad Tracks Arthur Siegel
Brown Penny Nell Carter
I’ve Got Me Arthur Siegel
13. Small Wonder
Nobody Told Me Patti Wyss and Arthur Siegel
No Time The Populaires
14. My Love is Waiting Arthur Siegel
15. Three’s a Crowd
Practicing Up on You Arthur Siegel
Out in the Open Air The Populaires
Forget All Your Books Arthur Siegel and The Populaires
16. Sleep Baby, Don’t Cry Nell Carter
17. Arthur Siegel Songs
Things Are Going Well Today The Populaires
The Other One Arthur Siegel
I Want You to Be the First One to Know June Carroll, Arthur Siegel and The Populaires
18. Daisy Dorothy Loudon
19. I’ll Never Go There Anymore Diane Carnevale
20. America’s Sweetheart
Mister Dolan is Passing Through Chorus
My Sweet Dorothy Loudon and Arthur Siegel
Innocent Chorus Girls of Yesterday Chorus
Now, I Believe Dorothy Loudon
In Californ-I-A Chorus

Vocal and Musical Arrangements by Deal and Evans and Marks




Buy now! $19.98



Barcode: 857252004092 | Selection: 20040-9  
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