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June 3, 2016

The Answer to May’s Brainteaser

Last month’s brainteaser: During the ‘70s, two revivals, playing about 15 blocks away from each other, both closed on the same night. One was a musical while the other was a comedy. But the musical had a song in it that was the precise name of the comedy. What were the titles of the two shows?

The answer is ONCE IN A LIFETIME and STOP THE WORLD, I WANT TO GET OFF which both closed on August 27, 1978. The former title had the same name as a song in the latter show.

Karen Valen was the first to get it, followed by Scott McClintock, Donald Gibbs, Christopher S. Connelly, Chris Davies, Stuart Ira Soloway, Bryan Brooks, Brigadude, George Connolly, Joe Miller, Tony Janicki, Peter Alfano, Ted Zoldan, Ian Ewing, Joe Gaken, Joe Keenan, Patricia Bisesto and Ed Weissman.

Valen, by the way, also scored high on the recent 2016 Broadway University Final Exam. So did Rick Thompson. I apologize to both for omitting their names.

Alas, there won’t be a June Brainteaser. This is my last column for Kritzerland. I need more time to work on a musical with Douglas J. Cohen and Gerard Alessandrini. Wish us luck!

  — Peter Filichia





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