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Kritzerland is proud to present Bruce Kimmel’s latest novel:


Harry Stearns returns!

In Some Days Are Murder, Harry, former literary agent turned private investigator, comes out of retirement to solve the murder of a former client. Now, six months later, a larger-than-life movie producer has asked Harry to look into a blackmail attempt: a young man the producer had a dalliance with was apparently not only young, but underage, and the underage young man is now threatening to go public if the producer doesn’t pay him a large sum of money. Of course, all Harry wants is to be retired, go into the office and trade quips with his long-time secretary, Bernice, read Variety and The Hollywood Reporter while lunching at the Hamburger Hamlet, and listen to his beloved opera recordings. But the flamboyant producer, who is on the verge of making a film that has all the makings of a blockbuster, won’t leave Harry alone until he agrees to look into the underage boy’s past.

Of course, someone turns up dead and Harry, in a race against the clock, must deduce who the guilty party is from a colorful array of suspects. Set in Los Angeles during the Christmas season of 1975, the territory is a new one for Harry, from West Hollywood’s The French Market Place to the Studio One Backlot. And somewhere in there lurks a murderer.

This is Bruce Kimmel’s 22nd book. He’s enjoyed a long career in show business, starting out as an actor in the 1970s, then becoming a writer/director in film and TV, followed by a life change in 1993, when he became a Grammy-nominated record producer. His record label, Kritzerland, has released over 400 CDs. He still regularly writes and directs for the theater, winning multiple awards for his writing, directing, and songwriting. He also has the longest-running daily blog in the history of the Internet, having never missed a day since late November of 2001.


“When retired literary agent-turned private eye Harry Stearns returns for another reluctant investigation, the seventy-year-old curmudgeon, his snarky secretary Bernice and his beloved Los Angeles are about to celebrate Christmas 1975. Readers will be celebrating, too, as he searches for the blackmailer of overbearing producer Gary Quinn. The case morphs into bloody murder, with the surprisingly astute sleuth confronting a gallery of intriguing suspects, but it's the sharp, quip-filled interplay between Harry and Bernice, along with the wistful memories of a simpler, happier LA that make these mysteries so uniquely enjoyable.”

— Dick Lochte, prize-winning author of Blues in the Night

“Bruce Kimmel's latest page-turner is set in the year I came to Hollywood and is dense with the places I went to, dishes I ordered, thinly-disguised fat people I worked with and---wait a minute, I think I'm in it!  Read it before i sue.  You'll have a rollicking good time and if you're as old as i am, a nostalgic ache to go with all your other aches.”

— Bruce Vilanch, author, raconteur, bon vivant

“Kimmel’s latest is a briskly-paced private eye tale propelled by snappy repartee and slightly-off-center characters. Set in mid-70s Hollywood, Tis the Season put me in mind of Hammett’s The Thin Man, but only if Nick drank Dr Pepper instead of martinis.” 

— Bill Fitzhugh, author of Pest Control and A Perfect Harvest


All copies purchased through Kritzerland come signed by the author.

'TIS THE SEASON TO BE MURDERED is priced at $25.00, plus shipping.

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