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Rewind— by Bruce Kimmel

Jonathan Goldman has a problem. He’s just been ousted from the company he created. A one hit wonder singer/songwriter and now successful record producer, his life is suddenly thrown into complete and utter turmoil. His former business partners have only one goal - to ruin his life and do him as much harm as possible. At sixty, no other label will hire him. Alone, with only his handful of friends to rally around him, Jonathan Goldman is on a downward spiral from which he may never recover. And then... people begin to die. Written in vivid detail and a unique style, Rewind is a taut, suspenseful, chilling, and often funny look at how a decent person can be dragged through the mud by people who enjoy that particular pastime. It’s also a colorful peek inside the music business, and the day-to-day process of how albums are actually produced.

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"In Bruce Kimmel’s new novel, “Rewind” we are introduced to the dog eat dog industry of the recording business. All the in’s and out’s of what goes into to recording a single track of music is that we take for granted which arrives on our doorstep on a shiny bright CD for our listening pleasure, is dissected here in this novel.

Not only are we introduced to the methods and workings of creating an album, but we are privy to the goings on behind the scenes, behind the music, and ultimately, behnd the people that hold the money. This novel can easily be a handbook on what not to do when attempting to make it in the world of small record label business.

Without giving away what actually happens in this work of fiction, it’s a keen example of what I’m sure a lot of people would like to do when they are faced with something as cruel and vicious as what happens to the main charactor in this novel, Jonathan. His story may seem familiar to any reader that knows the business. Kimmel takes it a step further and gives the reader some satisfaction in taking the matter ...

If you are interested in the recording business or have read Kimmel’s other novels, (Writers Block, Bejamine Kritzer, Kritzerland, and Kritzer Time) it’s worth taking the time to read “Rewind” as it’s a great work of fiction and a joy to read."
                                                         — Matthew Stenquist, San Mateo, CA

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"Rewind, the fifth novel by Bruce Kimmel, is a fast and furious romp through the world of music producing, gone wrong. Mr. Kimmel has once again given us a story that is “un-put-downable”, filled with details only someone who spent many years in this business could provide. I opened the book for a quick browse of the first chapter and re-emerged three hours later at the end of the last page. The fast pace derives from the interesting style in which this was written. The story is told in the first person, but each part is told from different character’s perspective. To say more would give away too much. Do not miss this one, it is a fun ride, just when you think you know what’s going on, you find out you don’t!"
                                                   — D. Mann, Long Island, NY

"Oh, BOY!! From the giddy-up - and I emphasize “giddy” - this story grabs ya and takes you on the monster roller-coaster, whirling teacups, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and then some. A tight, fast (we’re talking white-knuckle fast) blitz of a story, in the multiple-personality first-person. I guessed part of it about halfway through - because of the vicarious thrill of doing in those whose goose I never got to cook... ‘Tis said that Revenge is a dish best served cold... Well, for anyone who ever felt majorly WRONGED, and had the tenacity to hold a grudge beyond death, which I suspect is a goodly number of yuz, this gourmet concoction is WAY delicious." — Penny O., Maui, HI

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