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Kritzerland — by Bruce Kimmel

Ten-year-old Benjamin Kritzer is back. Having survived his Martian parents (thus far), having survived a broken heart (when the nine-year-old love of his life, Susan Pomeroy, moved to Canada), and having survived the Bad Men, Benjamin has a whole new slew of adventures to deal with in Kritzerland. They include the horrifying prospect of going to junior high school (and the more-horrifying prospect of having to wear a jockstrap in Gym class), visiting the new amusement park, Pacific Ocean Park, where he finally gets to visit his parents’ home planet on the Flight to Mars ride, meeting The Three Stooges, visiting a movie set at Paramount Studios, going to St. Louis, dealing with his psychotic brother and ‘What is it, fish? ‘ grandfather, and, most importantly, meeting his first real friend, Paul Daley. The story of that close and endearing friendship is hilarious and touching, and the portrait of growing up in the magical city that was Los Angeles in the late 1950s is vivid and razor-sharp, and will make you feel like you’ve taken a time machine back to another wonderful, more innocent era.

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“I am about 17 years younger than the author, and therefore have memories of the Los Angeles that Kimmel describes in it’s waning days: Pacific Ocean Park, Helms Bakery delivery men, various old movie palaces, Kelbos, Lawry’s (in it’s OLD location), Sheriff John singing the birthday song, the heartpangs of a first love... and, of course, the first fretfull day of junior high school!
I found myself chuckling, and, at times, getting misty-eyed at Kimmel’s recollections through the eyes of his hero, Benjamin Kritzer.
Being human has its advantages, and one of them is reading a book like KRITZERLAND and sharing -- and remembering -- all of life’s innocent up’s & down’s as a youngster with as talented a writer as Kimmel.
This isn’t JUST a book for folks who grew-up in “old-school” LA, but, rather, for anyone who grew-up thinking their parents were a bit, “off”... shared special hang-outs & inside jokes with their friends... experienced puppy-love... loathed the school bully... and longed for the day when they’d be old enough to ignore their martian parents!”    — Jon Crowley, Studio City, CA

“The adventures of Benjamin Kritzer continue and boy, am I glad I got to go along for the ride. In the second book of the Kritzer trilogy, you’ll get to know and love Benjamin even more. I was very glad I had Kritzer Time on hand so I didn’t have to leave Benjamin while I waited for the next book to arrive at my door.”
                                                                               — Priscilla Forsyth, Iowa

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“Having read “Benjamin Kritzer”, Bruce Kimmel’s first book, there was little doubt that there would be a desire to read more about the life and times of Benjamin. Kritzerland is again, a poignant story about a boy coming of age in the 50s and the trials and tribulations that are associated with that transition. With memorable new characters and a feast of fun from the old ones painted against the backdrop of 1950s LA, Bruce Kimmel has again captured days of yesteryear. Bruce also manages to take Benjamin in new directions without ever compromising the heart and soul of what endeared us to him in the first place.
With this amazingly strong second helping of Kritzer, and the cliffhanger ending, one is already anxious for Kimmel’s third endeavor!”              — Craig Brockman, New York, NY

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