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May 22, 2015

The 2015 Broadway University Final Exam Answers

All hail Fred Abramowitz, Jason Flum, Susan Berlin, Bill Bickel, Byrd Bonner, Brigadude, Gary Cherpakov, Seth Christenfeld, Dennis Dorner, Adrian Durlester, Paul Ford, Laura Frankos, Ingrid Gammerman, Nanshelle Schatz Ganz, Peter Gorobetz, Craig Gustafson, Noel Katz, Jeff Lanes, Jack Lechner, Steven Leifer, Brandon Maggart, Ron Milovac, Michael-Anthony Nozzi, Daryl Orts, Andrew Parks, John Pike, Andrea Lubatkin Richman, Arthur Robinson, Josie Rogers-Schenk, Rob Schneider, Marci Shegogue, and Ted Zoldan.

They’re the ones who braved the challenge of The 2015 Broadway University Final Exam, which asked them to identify lyrics or lines that dealt with time. All came from Broadway or off-Broadway musicals, and all were arranged chronologically in terms of their original opening dates.

For those who metaphorically didn’t know what time it was, here are the answers.

1. “Have your fun, go out on the town, stay up late and don’t come home till three.” (“All Er Nothin’“ -- OKLAHOMA!)

2. “Twenty-four hours can go so fast. You look around; the day has passed.” (“Some Other Time” -- ON THE TOWN)

3. “But now I’ll not see her again -- especially not in the glen at ten.”
(“I’ll Go Home with Bonnie Jean” – BRIGADOON)

4. “Busy! Busy! I’m busy as a bee. I start the day at half-past one.” (“Yatata” -- ALLEGRO)

5. “But what do you do at quarter-to-two with only a shrew to kiss?” (“Where Is the Life That Late I Led?” -- KISS ME, KATE)

6. “The dark time: a couple of deals before dawn.” (“My Time of Day” -- GUYS AND DOLLS)

7. “The alarm clock rings. It’s six a.m. And then right there in bed I shave.” (“Think of the Time I Save” -- THE PAJAMA GAME)

8. “Be polite . Say ‘Goodnight.’ You should be in bed at ten.” (“The Game” -- DAMN YANKEES)

9. “I fizz for the lady who knows what time it is.” (“The Sadder-but-Wiser Girl” -- THE MUSIC MAN)

10. “Out of the house ten seconds and I miss him.” (“When Did I Fall in Love?” -- FIORELLO!)

11. “To go to a fancy nightclub and stay out after ten.” (“How Lovely to Be a Woman” -- BYE BYE BIRDIE)

12. “What time is the train? It is late. It is early. It’s running on schedule. It’s here. It has gone.” (“Useful Phrases” -- SAIL AWAY)

13. “Well, here it is, five p.m. The finish of a long day’s work.” (“Been a Long Day” -- HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING)

14. “Don’t forget I’ve had some wine and nothing to eat since noon.” (“Mr. Nowack, Will You Please?” -- SHE LOVES ME)

15. “She closed the store at nine p.m. Arrived home nine-fifteen. Dressed and left at ten-thirty.” (“She Hadda Go Back” -- HERE’S LOVE)

16. “I pity them both. She’ll live with him three weeks, and when three weeks are up, I’ll come to her by night.” (“Tevye’s Dream” -- FIDDLER ON THE ROOF)

17. “Remember: no breakfast after half-past nine.” (“This Week Americans” -- DO I HEAR A WALTZ?)

18. “Who is she who plays the clown? Is she out each night till three?” (“Who’s That Woman?” -- FOLLIES)

19. HE: “I could save you tonight at eight.” SHE: “Tonight at eight would be too late.” (“Night Letter” -- TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA)

20. HE: “We made out under the dock.” SHE: “We stayed out till ten o’clock.” (“Summer Lovin’” – GREASE)

21. “Give me a night that’s romantic and long, then give me a month to get ready.” (“No Time at All” – PIPPIN)

22. “Pack my quiver and bow … at exactly two-thirty we go.” (“A Weekend in the Country” -- A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC)

23. “Then Jean Harlow at seven, Mae West at eleven.” (“The Butler’s Song” -- SO LONG, 174TH STREET)

24. “We start lovin’ when the sun is high from a quarter to two to a quarter to three.” (“Arthur in the Afternoon” -- THE ACT)

25. “New York in 16 hours. Anything can happen in those 16 hours.” (“On the Twentieth Century” -- ON THE TWENTIETH CENTURY)

26. “I’m home about eight; just me and my radio.” (“Ain’t Misbehavin’”-- AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’)

27. “A tower of strength, a center of power at ten bucks an hour.” (“If I Could Have Been” -- WORKING)

28. “Spiritual leader of the nation entered immortality at 20:25 hours today.” (“A Cinema in Buenos Aires, 26 July 1952” -- EVITA)

29. “From morning until twilight, I don’t know I’m alive. But I know life begins at eight-forty-five.” (“About a Quarter to Nine” -- 42ND STREET)

30. “Double Cupp is home-cooked heaven. Sunday breakfast six to eleven.” (“Highway 57” -- PUMP BOYS AND DINETTES)

31. “A prayer we never learned sung in Latin, then a midday nap in a makeshift bed.” (“The Bells of St. Sebastian” – NINE)

32. “As you’re posing for a picture after getting up at seven to come over to an island.” (“Sunday in the Park with George” -- SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE)

33. “Bring me these before the chime of midnight.” (“Prologue: Into the Woods” -- INTO THE WOODS)

34. “God, once, just once I wanted to sneak in and diddle the clocks
so we’d go on the air five minutes early so America would see the show before the show.” (“Twenty Million People” -- MY FAVORITE YEAR)

35. “I guess it was five a.m. A homicide had been reported.” (“Opening” -- SUNSET BOULEVARD)

36. “If I had somehow stopped the clock six weeks ago, somehow had frozen time right there.” (“Stop, Time” -- BIG)

37. “December 24. Nine p.m. Eastern Standard Time.” (“Tune Up #1 -- RENT)

38. “About two-fifteen to a quarter to three, if you could maybe swing by, honey.” (“Come up to My Office” – PARADE)

39. “I was dressed at seven, but you arrived at eight. And you were never late again.” (“I Remember That” – SATURDAY NIGHT)

40. “And sleep till half-past two.” (“I Wanna Be a Producer -- THE PRODUCERS)

41. “Sitting in the computer lab four a.m. before the final paper is due.” (“I Wish I Could Go Back to College” – AVENUE Q)

42. “We’re born every night at half-hour call.” (“Show People” -- CURTAINS)

43. “Don’t mind him. He’s all excited ‘cuz Nina flew in at three a.m. last night.” (“In the Heights” -- IN THE HEIGHTS)

44. “Listen, call me back when you hear this. I’ll be here for half an hour.” (“Model Behavior” -- WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN)

45. “Like when you’re serving eight to ten.” (“Christmas Is My Favorite Time of Year” -- CATCH ME IF YOU CAN)

46. “Tell ‘em I can set their children straight. Tell ‘em I can help keep off the weight. Tell ‘em that tonight right here at eight.” (“Rise Up!” -- LEAP OF FAITH)

47. “Finally, after two eons and 59 minutes, the Parker Boys were next in line to climb Mount Olympus.” (“Up on Santa’s Lap” -- A CHRISTMAS STORY)

48. “It’s two a.m., and I’m drunk again. It’s three a.m., and I’m drunk again. It’s four a.m.” (“I Love NY” -- MURDER BALLAD)

49. “And the labor’s 18 hours! Oh, my God, kid -- move your ass.” (“Hey, Kid” -- IF/THEN)

50. “He’s usually here around half-past three and I’m a hungry girl, you see.” (“The Hot Dog Song” -- BULLETS OVER BROADWAY)

         — Peter Filichia



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